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    Facade Performance Testing Experts

    Being in the industry for over twenty years have helped us gain invaluable experience. As such, we are well positioned as an industry leader in providing excellent testing service and also being a comprehensive solution provider for building owners.

    Facade Testing

    A timely and well planned façade performance test – ensures the safety of public and occupants of the building by identifying and ensuring the structural and seismic stability , is necessary to evaluate and validate the design of the façade, identifies and points out fabrication errors, air leakage, water leakage if any, helps in rectifying all faults before final production, saves cost and time and ensures a quality façade.

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    Glass Testing

    Currently available at our India branch

    We are the first lab in India to be NABL accredited and BIS recognised for conducting glass testing. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) have revised the applicable standards and codes and have made the ISI marking mandatory on every panel of Float and Safety Glass to be used in building. We do glass testing as per IS standards.

    Fire Testing

    Currently available at our India branch

    The strength of a chain is to be checked at its weakest link. A solid fire safety design is based on a holistic approach. Fire testing is carried out to understand the behavior of fire on the facade system in the event of an outbreak of fire. One of the key tools to quantify the effectiveness of fire safe designs is the NFPA 285 test method.

    Hardware Testing

    Currently available at our India branch

    To prove the durability and trouble-free performance of handles, locks, friction stays and rollers the manufacturers of such products can get their samples tested through a third-party ISO 17025 accredited lab to IS or EN Standards and offer the test report as documented proof to their OEM customers i.e window and door manufacturers.

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