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    Credible, High-Quality and Accredited Performance Testing

    Understanding your building facade is critical for the highest level of safety and compliance.

    Winwall is an internationally recognised, certified leading experts providing high-quality building performance tests

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    A timely and well-planned facade performance test is important to meet industry standards and to discover performance anomalies. Winwall Global can help

    Meet changing regulatory requirements

    Improve building safety and performance

    Avoid costly and undesirable building problems

    Ensure safety of the public and occupants of the building

    Identifies building error early

    Saves time, cost and improves safety

    Facade testing is critical and should be part of building process

    Understanding your building facade is critical for the highest level of safety and compliance.

    We have combined various technology and expertise to provide you


    Air Infiltration Test

    Different pressures are applied incrementally up to specified pressures. Air infiltration or exfiltration are measured by air flowmeters.

    Water Penetration Test

    Static, Dynamic and Cyclic tests. Water is delivered at rates of up to 10 litre per minute per meter square through a matrix of spray nozzles 700mm centre to centre. Differential pressures are applied incrementally to specified static,dynamic or cyclic pressures.

    Structural Load Test

    Static negative or positive pressures up to 12 KPa are applied incrementally. Cyclic negative & positive pressures of a few seconds duration can also be applied.

    Lateral & Vertical Movement

    Lateral and vertical movement up to +/– 85 mm are applied to number of cycles required.

    Load test on BMU,sunshades
    & vertical fins

    Point and uniform loading up to specified load

    Thermal Cyclic & Condensation

    Temperature up to -15°C to +85°C can be applied on the facade for a number of cycles

    Facade (Site)

    Air Infiltration / Exfiltration Test
    Water Penetration Test
    Acoustic Test

    Louver (Test)

    Water Penetration Test
    Discharge & Energy Loss
    Coefficient Pressure Loss

    Certifications & Standards

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